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What people are saying

We highly value the feedback from our patients and their families. We invite you to share your experience with us and let us know how our physical therapy services have impacted your life.


Your testimonials are an invaluable resource for us, and we would love to hear what you have to say. We look forward to reading your story and sharing it to help us continue to provide the highest quality physical therapy services.

I have enjoyed the pleasure of meeting the brothers who have shown myself and many many others the best rehabilitation and exercise services ever. I am a long term survivor who had gone through a lot of struggle and anguish until I met the brothers and became a part of their exercise and rehab program. Its almost as if they brought my body back to life. Not only are they equipped with the best rehab skills they continously make sure that they are constantly able to introduce new exercises geared towards both the young and the elder community. Which in my opinion helps us all.

M. Phillips

BE Rehab provided excellent therapy for both my husband and myself. My husband who is in his 90s was able to become more independent & confident in his daily life. Our in home services were compatible with our schedule, and communications with BE Rehab were timely and  easy. We would highly recommend BE Rehab, as it is a very professional and therapeutic service

M. Chai

As a Healthcare Professional, I am cautious about whom I recommend and whom I collaborate with, I look for companies that are passioned and share the same values, and I can't express enough my gratitude to BeRehab for that. Their professionalism and always going above and beyond to serve and deliver quality care to every single patient I recommend, or assist is amazing. The same outcome and praises when I introduce this team to other healthcare providers... Thank you for all you do!

M. Ucles

Santiago and Sebastian go out of their way to provide the best quality care when it comes to rehabilitation services. The interaction they have with the senior population is unique, thanks to their professionalism, empathy and love for what they do. They focus on the plan of care and improve the patients' quality of life. Their personalities are a breath of fresh air for the healthcare industry

F. Martinez

My provider worked with me diligently, during the pandemic. He came to my house during the pandemic. He helped me restore a great deal of mobility I lost during the pandemic shut-down. He was patient, knowledgeable and above all had great bed-side manner. I would recommend him to anyone who needs physical therapy.

S. G.

This team have always been very professional in their work ethics.They are caring and very sensitive to all my rehab needs and continue to work with
me until my rehab goals are met.
It is their desire to get all their clientele as close as possible to their pre injury state.I highly recommend them to anyone in need of rehabilitation services.

O. Morrison


Mailing Address

1812 N Capitol St NW 301

Washington DC, 20002





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